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The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip

Vung Tau
18 20km

Include: golf cart

Located in Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve and near famous beaches such as Ho Coc and Vung Tau beach, The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip is located 74km south of Ho Chi Minh City center, about 2 hours traveling by car so it is very suitable for Golfer in Saigon area, tourists who want to have a golf day in the suburbs but do not want to spend too much time traveling and can also go back in the day, Especially suitable for busy golfers.

Designed by legendary golfer Greg Norman, who was once called the “Great White Shark” of the world golf village when he won the championship for 331 consecutive weeks, the entire The Hoff Strip The Bluffs complex was built on the total. 2300m2 area includes many amenities: golf course, indoor club, other resort facilities …

Hailed as a gift of nature, incorporating all the natural elements needed to form a desirable yard complex such as streams, natural stones, typical plants of the Southeast Sea the city with the sea breeze and the golden sand dunes … can say no exaggeration, when coming to The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, you will enjoy a very personal harmony between the forest and the mountains.

The golf course is an indoor 18-hole golf course, designed according to the world’s standards, based on the actual topography of the sandy sand hills next to the sea. The area of ​​the empty area is fully utilized, the hole system is interwoven with natural forests and lakes. Although the yard is in the house, most of the area catches the sea breeze, the taste changes according to the season and the special and fresh atmosphere is only available here.

The Indoor Club Division brings quality dishes from Asia to Europe with a more beautiful view of the surrounding sea. Imagine you are completely relaxed, not encumbered, sitting in the outdoor chair of the restaurant, facing the sea and enjoying each cool sea breeze …

Is there anything else special on The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip ? Please visit and find out for yourself.

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